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Internet Features

All of the Internet functionality you have grown accustomed to is still here, just in different places.

AirPort: If you have an AirPort card installed, you’ll see the AirPort icon in the menu bar. If not, open the Applications folder, then open the Utilities folder. You’ll find the “AirPort Setup Assistant” and the “AirPort Admin Utility.” See pages 452–453.

Browsers: Microsoft Internet Explorer is the only browser included with Mac OS X, but you can of course install your own copy of Netscape or the America Online service. Try the OmniWeb browser—download it from www.OmniGroup.com.

This is the OmniWeb browser icon.

Connect automatically: If you use a dial-up connection and want to make your Mac connect to the Internet automatically when you open an email program, a browser, Sherlock, etc., do this:

Open the Network preferences pane.

In the “Show” menu, choose “Internal Modem.”

Click the PPP tab.

Click “PPP Options....”

Check the box to “Connect automatically when starting TCP/IP applications.” Then click OK.

Internet: Use the Internet preferences pane to set web, email, and your iDisk settings, similar to the Internet control panel in OS 9.

Modem: Open the Network preferences pane. Make sure the “Show” menu (the menu above the row of tabs, not in the menu bar) has “Internal Modem” selected. Then click the “Modem” tab.

TCP/IP: Use the Network preferences pane.

Remote Access: To set up your dial-up connection, use the Network preferences pane. To log on, open the Applications folder and double-click “Internet Connect.” Click the “Connect” button. See the notes about Internet Connect (under “Remote Access”) on the opposite page. See Chapter 31 for details.

Web Sharing: Use the Sharing preferences pane. See Chapter 36.



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