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Back Matter > Finder Windows

Finder Windows

Windows for folders and disks are called Finder windows. See Chapter 6 for details about navigating through them without getting confused, and how to color the backgrounds of windows or add photographs as backgrounds, change the icon sizes, set global preferences and individual preferences, and even more (from the View menu, choose “Show View Options”).

  • Use the little colorful buttons in the top-left of the active window.

    Red: Close the window. If it is an application window, this does not quit the application.

    Yellow: Minimize the window, which sends an icon of the window to the Dock. Single-click that icon in the Dock to open the window again. Shift-click for slow motion (try it).

    Green: Enlarge or reduce the size of the window.


    When you open a window, you’ll probably change the view and adjust the size, etc., to suit your purpose at the moment. If you click the red button and close the window, it removes all the customizing you did and when you reopen the window, you’ll have to reset everything in the way you want it.

    But if you click the yellow button and minimize the window, it retains all of your customizing, and when you reopen the window (click on its icon in the Dock), it will reappear exactly as you left it. Until another folder replaces the contents of the window.

  • Customize the Toolbar: From the View menu, choose “Customize Toolbar....” Drag items from the panel into the Toolbar; drag them off the edge and drop them onto the Desktop to remove them. See Chapter 6.



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