Sharing Files between Several Macs 707 This is the contextual menu to eject a selected server. Other Tips Here are a couple of extra tips to make networking easier. · Put a "Connect" icon in your Toolbar; see pages 80­81 about customizing the Toolbar. Drag the Connect icon up to the Toolbar. · Once you are connected, drag the server icon up to the Finder window Toolbar and drop it on the Favorites icon. Now that server is in the Favorites menu (which is in the Go menu), in your Open and Save As dialog boxes, and in the Favorites window. Just double-click it to connect. If you added the user name and password to your Keychain, as explained on page 643, you'll go straight to the server with just that double-click. · Remember that Location you created on pages 637? Well, you can use the Location menu under the Apple menu to switch locations, as shown below.