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Chapter 14. Saving Your Documents > Using the “Where” Menu

Using the “Where” Menu

Take advantage of the Where menu to save into folders that you use often.

  • The very first item in the “Where” menu is the currently selected folder; if you hit the Save button, you will save the document into the folder that is at the top of this list. In the example below, that would be the Documents folder.

  • Choose Desktop to save the document directly to your Desktop.

  • Choose Home to save the document into your Home folder, or to open any of your Home folders.

  • Choose iDisk to connect to the Internet and save documents directly onto Apple’s server (see pages xxi–xxii for information about iDisk).

  • Favorite Places are those folders you have previously put in your Favorites folder. Your Favorites folder holds other kinds of items besides folders, but the folders are the only items that show up in this “Where” menu so you can save into them.

    To add a folder to the Favorites list so you can get to it easily, find the folder in the directory of the dialog box, select the folder, and click the button in the bottom-right, “Add to Favorites.” Or at the Desktop, put the folder or copy of the folder directly in the Favorites folder (drag it to the Favorites icon in the Toolbar), and then it will appear in this menu. See Chapter 24 for details about Favorites.

  • Recent Places are the most recent folders and disks you have used while working on your Mac. You control how many items are in this menu through the General preferences pane (see page 136).



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