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Chapter 14. Saving Your Documents > Save As... vs. Save - Pg. 250

Saving Your Documents 250 Rule #1: Save Often! The prevention? SOS: Save Often, Sweetie. Save Save Save. Every few minutes, when you're just sitting there thinking about your next marvelous move, Save. In every application it's this easy: just press Command S. Then if there is a catastrophe, you will have lost only the last few minutes of your work. Of course you won't listen to me until you have experienced a catastrophe of your very own. Save As... vs. Save To save a document for the first time, it must be given a name. Under the File menu are the com- mands Save As... and Save. At first the subtle difference can be confusing. Save As... Save As... is the command you use first to give the document a name (every file must have a name). "Save As..." gives you a dialog box such as the ones shown on the following pages (they're slightly different from program to program). Save Save is the command to use after you have named the document and you want to save the new changes onto that same document. Save just goes ahead and does it--you won't get a dialog box, but you will see the Edit menu flash for a quick second. Get in the habit of typing Command S (the keyboard shortcut to save) regularly. Note: If you have not yet given the document a name, choosing "Save" (or using Command S)