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Chapter 6. How to Use the Windows > Title Bar - Pg. 80

How to Use the Windows 80 This is the contents of the Applications folder, shown in Column View . Can you see that "Applications" has the darkest highlight? That's a visual clue that the contents in the column to the right belong to the highlighted Applications folder. The title in the title bar tells us the same thing. See pages 92­94 for details of Column View. Practice: In the Dock, single-click the "Finder" icon (shown below) to open a Finder window. In that open window, click the View buttons one at a time to see how the contents appear in each of the different views. Finder icon Choose the Icon View and do the short Practice exercises on the following five pages. Title Bar The title bar is the striped bar across the top of a window in which, logically, the title appears. This title is the name of the disk, folder, or document you have opened. The title bar also holds the little colored buttons. Every window has a title bar. Moving the window To move any window around the screen, position the pointer in the title bar of the window, then press-and-drag. Just let go of the mouse button when you have the window placed where you want.