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Chapter 2. The Classic Environment - Pg. 20

20 Chapter 2. The Classic Environment The Classic Environment One of the goals of the Mac OS X development team was to build an operating system that would allow for compatibility with most existing application software. After all, who would buy Mac OS X if they couldn't use their favorite applications with it? The developer's strategy was to make it possible for Mac OS 9.1 or later to run as a process within Mac OS X. Users could then run applications that had not yet been updated for Mac OS X within the Mac OS 9.x process, which is called the Classic environment . The Classic environment utilizes a complete Mac OS 9.x System Folder that contains just about all the components you'd find on a computer that doesn't have Mac OS X installed. This System Folder is so complete, you can even start your computer from it--that means you can choose whether to boot from Mac OS 9.x or Mac OS X.