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Chapter 5. Multiple Users & Security > Setting Options for Your Own User Accoun...

Setting Options for Your Own User Account

Mac OS X 10.2 now enables you to set certain options for your account, rather than depending on the system administrator to set them for you. You do this with the My Account preferences pane.

To set options for your own user account

Choose Apple > System Preferences (Figure 1) or click the System Preferences icon on the Dock (Figure 2).

In the System Preferences window that appears, click the My Account icon (in the Personal area) to display the My Account preferences pane (Figure 14).

Figure 14. The My Account preferences pane.

To change your password, click the Change button. Enter your current password in the dialog sheet that appears (Figure 15), then enter a new password twice and a new password hint. Click OK to save your changes.

Figure 15. Use this dialog sheet to change your password.

To change your picture, use one of the following techniques:

  • Click to select one of the pictures in the scrolling list to represent the user.

  • Drag an image file from a Finder window onto the My Picture well.

  • Click the Choose Another button and use the Open dialog that appears to locate, select, and open a picture.

To edit your Address Book card, click the Edit button. The Address Book opens with your card selected. Click the Edit button at the bottom of the window, make changes to your information (Figure 16), and click Edit again to save your changes. Then close the Address Book window.

Figure 16. Edit your Address Book card as desired.



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