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Chapter 4. My Official Guide to Switchin... > Moving Your Email Address Book

Moving Your Email Address Book

Here’s what Apple says to do to move your Microsoft Outlook Express Address Book from your PC to your Mac.

On the PC:

Launch Outlook Express on your PC, and open the Address Book by choosing Tools > Address Book.

Choose Edit > Select All to select all of your contacts.

Drag the selected contacts to the Addresses folder that you will burn onto the Switch CD.

Outlook Express will automatically change the format of these to one that is Mac-usable as it exports them.

And here’s what you do on the Mac side once you burn the disc.

On the Mac:

Put the Switch CD in your Mac’s optical drive; it mounts on the Desktop.

With the Finder active, choose Go > Applications or press Command-Shift-A.

Alternatively, you can click the Applications icon in an open Finder window or click the Address Book icon in the Dock (Figure 4.2).

Figure 4.2. It’s even easier to find the Mac OS X Address Book if you use the Dock, where the icon for the Address Book looks like an address book—that is, if you haven’t removed it from the Dock.

Find the Address Book application icon, and open it (Figure 4.3).

Figure 4.3. The Mac OS X Address Book is useful in part because it’s a very nice, if somewhat basic, address book, but mostly because it works with the Mac OS X Mail client and iSync. It is also available to applications from other companies as they develop connections between the Address Book and their applications.

Open the Switch CD from its icon on your Desktop, and navigate to the Addresses folder.

Select your contacts by choosing Edit > Select All or pressing Command-A, and drag those contacts into the Address Book window.

You can use this technique with Microsoft Entourage and Palm Desktop. I recommend using the built-in Mac OS X Address Book for contact management, though.

Why? Because the information in the Apple Address Book is available to all applications and is what iSync uses. Sure, you can use Entourage if you like, but I find the Microsoft contact manager and email client less compelling than their Apple counterparts. But that could change with the next version of Microsoft Office for Macintosh, so decide for yourself.

One Big Caveat

What you read in this section is just fine if you use the Windows applications that Apple conveniently expects you to use. I say “conveniently” because if you’re using other applications—most notably Outlook—migrating can be more difficult. Even the first version of Move2Mac doesn’t solve this problem, although by the time you read this, a later version may take care of it.

My suggestion for a workaround: Use a Palm OS-based personal digital assistant and iSync to move your contacts, calendar, and email from the PC to the Mac. With these PDAs selling for less than $100, this is the best way to move Outlook information to your new Mac.

Your Mac already comes with Palm software, and iSync supports synchronization between your iCal and Address Book and your Palm PDA. So, synchronize the PDA on your Windows machine and then synchronize it with your new Mac. It’s an easy way to move calendar and address book entries between the two platforms.

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