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Chapter 10. Using Sherlock > The Movies Channel

The Movies Channel

Sherlock’s Movies channel (Figures 20 and 23) offers a great way to get local movie listings and show times, without picking up the phone. For some theaters, you can even buy your movie tickets online.

To search for movie show times

Open the Movies channel.

Enter your zip code in the City & State or Zip box.

If necessary, click the Movies button on the far left side of the window. After a moment, a list of current movies appears in the leftmost list (Figure 20).

Figure 20. The Movies channel with the Movies option selected.

Select the name of a movie that you’d like to see. A list of theaters showing the movie appears in the middle list and information about the movie, including a QuickTime movie trailer, appears in the bottom right of the window (Figure 21).

Figure 21. When you select a movie, a list of nearby theaters appears, along with movie info.

Select the name of the theater where you’d like to see the movie. A list of showtimes appears in the rightmost list and the theater location appears in the bottom left of the window (Figure 22).

Figure 22. When you select a theater, a list of showtimes and theater location information appears. (Yes, the closest theater showing this current movie is nearly 44 miles away. That’s part of the charm of living in Wickenburg, on the edge of nowhere.)

Repeat steps 4 and 5 to find other showtimes for movies.



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