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Chapter 4. Advanced Finder Techniques > Advanced Finder Techniques

Advanced Finder Techniques

In addition to the basic Finder and file management techniques covered in Chapters 2 and 3, Mac OS X offers more advanced techniques you can use to customize the Finder, work with windows, and manage files:

  • Customize the way the Finder and desktop look and work.

  • Customize the toolbar to add buttons for the items you use most.

  • Customize the Dock to add applications and documents you access often.

  • Customize icon and list view windows to change the way contents are displayed.

  • Use hierarchical outlines in list view windows.

  • Use spring-loaded folders to access folders while copying or moving items.

  • Use aliases to make frequently used files easier to access without moving them.

  • Create and organize favorite items.

  • Quickly reopen recently used items.

  • Find files and folders on any mounted disk.

  • Use the Info window to learn more about an item or set options for it.

  • Undo actions you performed while working with the Finder.

This chapter covers all of these techniques.


  • If you’re brand new to Mac OS, be sure to read the information in Chapters 2 and 3 before working with this chapter. Those chapters contain information and instructions about techniques that are used throughout this chapter.

  • This chapter is especially useful for experienced Mac OS users since it goes beyond the basics with new or advanced Mac OS features.

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