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Chapter 3. Where to Get Help > The Manual and the Help Command - Pg. 6

6 Chapter 3. Where to Get Help The first thing you should know when you set out to learn about computers is that you're not on your own. Help is out there, though sometimes you have to ferret it out. My main advice is to speak up when you're confused and not to worry about "stupid" questions. I often hear from readers who are embarrassed because they think their questions are silly, but some of those inquiries turn out to be quite challenging. The Manual and the Help Command Most pieces of hardware (computer) or software (applications) come with a manual, or user's guide, that is designed to be your first resource. Some programs now come with onscreen instructions instead. It's always a good idea to read the manual (or at least glance at it) before you call for help. If you have a problem, pay special attention to the troubleshooting guide that's typically at the end of the manual. But be aware that manuals rarely answer every possible question, so there's a good chance you'll eventually have to look beyond the documentation for further help.