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Part 1: Getting Oriented > Accessories: Making Yourself Comfortable - Pg. 71

71 Chapter 22. Accessories: Making Yourself Comfortable Now that we've run through the parts of the computer itself, it's time to turn to the accessories-- those small but important pieces of equipment that will keep you and your computer in working order. Accessories such as mouse pads and surge protectors are just as important to your work as a good keyboard. Luckily, they're also very inexpensive. Wrist Rests If you type 50 words per minute, you'll enter 18,000 keystrokes in an hour. Keep that up for a full work day and that's a lot of pounding at the keyboard. It's no wonder that tens of thousands of computer users have complained about hand and wrist pain. The repetitive motion of typing and clicking the mouse can lead to stiffness and minor pain in the hands and wrists. But beware: Those symptoms, if ignored, can turn into major, disabling injuries.