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Chapter 29. Introducing Access 2002 > Key to the Access Window

Key to the Access Window

1 Menu bar

Click any name on the menu bar to pull down a menu.

2 Access toolbar

Toolbar with buttons for the most frequently needed commands. Access provides a set of buttons that changes according to the current task as you work in Access.

3 Table

Tables hold the information in a database. A single database can contain many tables, each holding a different set of related records.

4 Form

A fill-in-the-blanks form used to enter, edit, and view the information in a table one record at a time. A single database can contain many different forms, perhaps even more than one form for each table.

5 Language bar

Access to speech and handwriting recognition tools and other text services.

6 Ask a Question box

Online help utility.

7 Object buttons

Click these buttons to change to the tab that shows the object type you want to work with. The objects in a database are tables, forms, reports, queries, macros, and modules.

8 Database window

Displays lists of the objects in a database. The Database window contains tabs that show objects of a certain type. Click a tab, click an object, and then click one of the buttons in the Database window to work with the database.

9 Record navigation buttons

These controls move from record to record in the database. On a form and a table, they display the first, next, previous, or last record. They also display the current record number and the total number of records in the database.

10 Status bar

Shows status information about the current task.

11 Mode indicators

Shows special conditions that are in effect, such as a pressed Caps Lock key.

12 Task Pane

Quick access to other databases, as well as field lists, the Clipboard, and search options.

13 Office Assistant

Provides online help and suggestions.



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