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Chapter 10. Using Sherlock  > Searching the Internet

Searching the Internet

If you have Internet access, you can use Sherlock to search for Web pages with information about topics that interest you. Unlike most other Internet search engines, Sherlock can search multiple directories (or search sites) at once. Best of all, you don't need to know special search syntax. Just enter a search word or phrase in plain English, select the search sites you want to use, and put Sherlock to work. It displays matches in order of relevance, so the most likely matches appear first.

To search the Internet

Click the button for one of the Internet search channels:

Internet () is a general purpose search channel, good for finding Web pages that cover specific topics.

  • Apple is best for searching for Apple-related information, including products and how-to instructions.

  • News is best for finding news stories from news Web sites.

  • Reference is good for finding articles about specific topics on reference sites.

  • Entertainment is good for finding information about movies, music, and your favorite entertainment artists.

Enter a search word or phrase in the text field near the top of the window (Figure 32).

Figure 32. Use Sherlock's Internet channel to search the Internet for information.

Turn on the check box beside each search site you want to use to search.

Click the magnifying glass button to begin the search. Sherlock searches the Internet, displaying its status while it works.

After a moment, the matches begin to appear. You can begin working with matches immediately or wait until Sherlock has finished searching (Figure 33).

Figure 33. Sherlock displays matches, in order of relevance, in its window.



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