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Chapter 3. File Management > Mounting Disks - Pg. 85

File Management Tip 85 Unless you have a special CD-Recordable drive and recording software, you cannot write data to a CD-ROM disc. Disks & Other Storage Media A Mac OS-compatible computer can read data from or write data to a wide range of storage media, including: · Hard disks--high capacity magnetic media. · Floppy disks or diskettes--low capacity, removable magnetic media. · CD-ROM, CD-R, and DVD discs--high capacity, removable optical media. · Zip, Jaz, or other disks or cartridges--high capacity, removable magnetic media. To use storage media, it must be: · Mounted--inserted, attached, or otherwise accessible to your computer. · Formatted or initialized--specially prepared for use with your computer. I tell you about all of these things on the following pages. Mounting Disks You mount a disk by inserting it in the disk drive so it appears on the Mac OS Desktop. Tip You must mount a disk to use it.