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Part 2: Symptoms, Causes, and Cures > Road Service for the Infobahn: The World ...

Chapter 13. Road Service for the Infobahn: The World Wide Web, Email and Beyond

Internet Basics

Getting Your Web Browser

Understanding Internet Addresses

IP Addresses, Domain Names, and URLs

HyperText Links

The Structure of a Web Site: Home Pages and Subdirectories

Navigating the Web


Go, Back, and Forward

Links from the Desktop

Utilities for URLs

Beyond the Web: Using your Browser for Email, Newsgroups, and More

Web Security

Cookies and Security/Privacy

Secure Web Pages

Security Leaks

Downloading and Uploading Files


Downloading Files

Decoding and Decompressing Downloaded Files

Uploading Files

Solve-It! Web Browser Problems

Web Pages Won't Load

No Pages Load

A Specific Page/Site Does Not Load

Web Pages Load Slowly or Incompletely

Start with Some Basics

Browser Cache Settings, Browser Speed, and Avoiding Disk Damage

Downloading Files

Problems with URLs and Bookmarks/Favorites

Bookmarks Menu Is Empty

A Typed or Copied URL Does Not Work

A Linked or Bookmarked URL No Longer Works

System Freezes, Crashes, and Errors

Web Page Display Problems

Problems Due to Plug-Ins

Problems Due to Java and JavaScript

Color and/or Text Is Not As Expected

Downloading and Helper Problems

Checking Your Helpers Lists

Check That You Have the Needed Software

File Download Data Transfer Does Not Begin

File Download Data Transfer Is Unusually Slow

File Download Fails to Complete

Post-processing Does Not Work As Expected

File Will Not Expand or Expanded File Will Not Launch

Other Problems Downloading Files

Solve It! Email Problems

Problems Sending Email

SMTP Server Problems

Address Problems

Email Failure Notices

Messages Sent with the Wrong Date

Problems Receiving Email

Incoming Mail (POP or IMAP) Server Settings

Pop Lock Errors


Problems with Attachments

Attachments That Are Not Decoded

Problems Sending Attachments to PC Users




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