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Part 2: Symptoms, Causes, and Cures > Road Service for the Infobahn: Getting an...

Chapter 12. Road Service for the Infobahn: Getting and Staying Connected

No Mac Is an Island... Anymore

Understanding Dial-Up Modems

Modem Speed

Bits Per Second (bps)

56K Modems: A Closer Look

Why Doesn't My Modem Connect At Its Fastest Speed?

Modem Data Compression

Carrier (DCE) Versus Connect (DTE) Speeds

Selecting the Right Port Speed: Getting Maximum Throughput

How Can I Tell How Fast My Modem Is Connected?

Bottom Line?

Modem Scripts and Init Strings

AT Commands and Init Strings

Selecting Your Init String

Understanding Open Transport

Using Internet Setup Utility Versus Do-It-Yourself

Setting Up AppleTalk, TCP, Modem, and Remote Access Control Panels

Set Up AppleTalk Control Panel

Set Up TCP/IP Control Panel

Set Up Modem Control Panel

Set Up Remote Access Control Panel

Internet Diagnostics Utilities

What Is Ping?

Ping Testing with IPNetMonitor

Trace Route Testing with IPNetMonitor

Monitor Activity with IPNetMonitor

Ethernet Checking with EtherPeek

Solve-It! Open Transport Problems

Can't get Connected or Unusually Slow Connections

No Dial Tone or No Answer

Busy Signal

Logon Errors

When You Can't Get Connected: Miscellaneous Other Advice

When You Get an Unusually Slow Connection

Dropped Connections and Freezes

Dropped Connections Due to Idle Activity

"Unexpected" Dropped Connections

"Hidden" Dropped Connections

Can't Disconnect or a Freeze/Crash Occurs When Online or When Trying to Disconnect



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