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Part 2: Symptoms, Causes, and Cures > Trouble To Go: Portable Macs and Shared M...

Chapter 11. Trouble To Go: Portable Macs and Shared Macs

You Can Take It With You

Portable Mac Basics

Control Panels for Portable Macs

Energy Saver

Control Strip

Location Manager

Password Security

PowerBook Target Disk Mode

Portable Mac Battery Conservation

Use Features That Conserve Battery Power

Don't Use Features That Especially Drain Battery Power

Running Out of Battery Power

Using RAM Disks

Create and Use a RAM Disk

Why RAM Disks?

Making a RAM Startup Disk; Not Anymore

Saving the Contents of Your RAM Disk After a Restart

Solve It! Basic Portable Mac Problems

Restarting a Portable Mac After a System Error

Try the Finder's Restart or Shut Down Menu Commands

Press the Reset Button or Reset Keyboard Combination

Do a Hard Shut Down

Reset the Power Manager

If the System Error Recurs After a Successful Restart

Problems Running on Battery Power

Use Battery Conservation Features

Check for Power Adapter Problems

Check for a Dead, Incorrect, or Incorrectly Installed Battery

Reset the Power Manager

Portable Mac Appears Dead

Check the Battery and Power Adapter

Reset the Power Manager

Try More General Solutions

Sleep Problems

Automatic Sleep Disabled

Automatic Sleep Works—But Not At the Expected Interval

Wake-from-Sleep Crashes

Defective Pixels on Active-Matrix Screens

Ghosting and Submarining on Passive-Matrix Screens

Trouble Ejecting PC Cards

TrackBall and TrackPad Problems

Transfer Files Mac-to-Mac

Transfer Files via an External Drive

USB and FireWire Drives

Target Disk Mode

Transfer Files via File Sharing

File Sharing and AppleTalk

File Sharing via the Serial Port

File Sharing via the Ethernet Port

File Sharing: Initial Setup

File Sharing: Disconnecting

Accessing File Sharing After the Initial Setup

Transfer Files via a Modem (Remote Access)

Solve It! File Transfer Problems

Can't Get File Sharing to Work

If You Get a Message That Says "File Sharing Could Not Be Enabled"

For Other Problems with Enabling File Sharing

If You Get a Message That Says That the Shared Volume Could Not Be Opened Because It "Could Not Be Found on the Network" (or Similar Messages)

If You Get a Message That Says You Can Not Perform a Function with a Shared Volume "Because You Do Not Have Enough Access Privileges"

Problems with Turning File Sharing or AppleTalk Off

Other Problems with Using File Sharing



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