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Part 2: Symptoms, Causes, and Cures > Graphics: What's Wrong with This Picture?

Chapter 10. Graphics: What's Wrong with This Picture?

Picture This

Resolution and Display Depth

Understanding Resolution

Monitor Basics

Multiscan Monitors


Understanding Display Depth: Color and Grayscale

What Is the Display Depth?

Display Depth and Dithering

Display Depth and Printing

Setting the Depth and Resolution of the Display

Monitors Control Panels and Display Depth

Monitors Control Panels and Resolution

Monitors Control Panels, Brightness, Contrast and Calibration

Setting Display Depth and Resolution from the Control Strip

Types of Graphics, Programs, and Files

Bitmapped Versus Object-Oriented Graphics

Bitmapped Graphics

Object-Oriented Graphics

Editing Bitmapped Versus Object-Oriented Graphics

Paint Versus Draw Versus PostScript Programs

Graphics File Formats

Generic Graphics File Formats

Application-Specific File Formats

How to Determine the File Type of a Graphics Document

Graphics on the World Wide Web

Graphics Encoding

GIF File Variations: Interlacing, Animation, Custom Palettes

Miscellaneous Other Tips for Web Graphics

QuickTime: Movies, Video, and More

Problems Installing QuickTime

Basic QuickTime Files

Live Streaming

QuickTime Player: Playing and Editing Movies

Recording Movies/Video

QuickTime Movies on the Web

Video Formats

QuickTime VR and QuickDraw 3D

Solve It! Common Graphics Problems

Unable to Paste a Graphic Across Applications

Check Show Clipboard

Update the System Clipboard If Necessary

Check If the Application Supports Graphics Placement

Use Drag and Drop, Clippings Files, and Scrapbook

Import the Graphic

Otherwise ...

Even If You Do Succeed, Your Problems May Not Be Over

Problems Printing Color Images

Switch Applications

Use PostScript Laser Printer Options

Use Apple's ColorSync... and Beyond



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