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Part 2: Symptoms, Causes, and Cures > Fonts and Text: Write and Wrong

Chapter 9. Fonts and Text: Write and Wrong

The Write Stuff

Font Basics

Font Files Versus Font Suitcases

Font Files

Font Suitcases

Where the Fonts Are

How Can You Tell What Fonts Are Installed in Your System?

Locating, Adding, and Removing Fonts from Your System Folder

Fonts in the Fonts Folder

Fonts in the System File

Font Management Utilities and Fonts Anywhere on Your Drive

The Different Types of Fonts

Bitmapped Fonts

Estimating Font Sizes and Styles: The Jaggies

How Do You Know What Sizes of Bitmapped Fonts Are Installed?

Outline Fonts: TrueType and PostScript

TrueType Fonts

How to Identify a TrueType Font Versus a Bitmapped Font

PostScript Fonts

PostScript Printer Fonts Versus Screen Fonts

PostScript Fonts and Adobe Type Manager (ATM) and ATM Deluxe

Locating, Adding, and Removing PostScript Printer Font Files from Your System Folder

How to Identify a PostScript Font

Combining TrueType, PostScript, and/or Bitmapped Versions of the Same Font

Which Font Format Displays?

Which Font Format Prints?

What It All Means

Which Font Format Should You Use?

Limit Your Use of Bitmapped Fonts

Deciding Between PostScript and TrueType

Consider Your Printer

Keep It Simple

Summing Up

A Document Displays the Wrong Font

The Necessary Font Is Not in Your System Folder

A Font ID Number Conflict Has Occurred

A Font File Is Damaged

Check the Font Menu

If the Correct Font Is Not Listed in the Font Menu

If the Font Is Listed in the Font Menu

If You Still Can't Use the Font

Problems with Adobe Type Manager

Problems Copying and Pasting Text Across Applications

If Unable to Paste Text At All

If Format Shifts When Pasting Text Across Applications

Use Drag and Drop and Clippings Files

Otherwise... Reformat the Text

QuickFixes! An Assortment of Text and Font Problems

Problems with Downloaded Text and Email

Incorrect Text Characters and International Keyboard Layouts

Unlimited Downloadable Fonts and Documents that Print with the Wrong Font

Right Font, Wrong Character

Avoid Problems Due to Monospaced Versus Proportional Fonts

Changes in Appearance Due to Fractional Character Widths

A Paragraph Unexpectedly Shifts Its Formatting

The Text Is Clipped At the Margins When Printed

Solve It! Font File and Font Menu Problems

Damaged Font Files

Locate Any Damaged Font Files

Replace the Damaged Font File(s)

Problems Removing a Font File from a Fonts Folder

Check for Problems with Other Files

Fonts Unexpectedly Appear or Disappear from Font Menus

Check for Font Differences Among Different Startup Disks

Check for Embedded Fonts in Applications

Check for Fonts Installed by an Installer Utility

Check If Font/DA Management Utilities Are Turned Off

Quit Currently Open Applications

Special Case: Font Names Are Listed In The Fonts Menu But Are Dimmed

In General: If You Are Having Trouble Finding a Specific Font File

Font Menu Clutter

Get Rid of the Style Variant Screen Fonts

Use a Utility to Eliminate the Clutter

Do Nothing



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