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Part 2: Symptoms, Causes, and Cures > When You Can't Print

Chapter 7. When You Can't Print

Paperless Office?

Your Dialog Boxes May Vary

When Things Go Right

Step 1: Select the Chooser

Make AppleTalk Active or Inactive

Select a Printer by Clicking a Printer Driver Icon

Select Printer-Specific Options

Step 2: Select Page Setup

Working with the Page Setup Dialog Box (LaserWriter 8.6.x or Later)

When Changing Printer Drivers

Step 3: Use the Print Command

Working with the Print Dialog Box (LaserWriter 8.6.x or later)

What Happens Next

Special Case: Background Printing and PrintMonitor

Monitor Your Printing

Cancel Printing

Error Messages

Quitting PrintMonitor

PrintMonitor Documents Folder

Special Case: Desktop Printers

Desktop Printer Software

Creating Desktop Printers

Selecting a Default Printer

Using Desktop Printers

QuickFixes! Troubleshooting Desktop Printers

Solve It! When Things Go Wrong

The Macintosh Can't Find the Printe

Try Printing Again

Make Sure the Printer Is Ready to Print

Check the Chooser

Investigate Other Possibilities

Printing Halts with No Error Message

Is the Queue Stopped?

If You Are Using Background Printing

If You Are Not Using Background Printing

Do a Forced Quit or Restart the Macintosh

Reinitialize the Printer

Try Printing Again

For Laser Printers: Is It a Complex Document?

Check the Status Lights

If None of the Preceding Steps Work

Printing Halts Due to a System Crash, PostScript Error, or Other Printing-Related Error

Bugs in the Relevant Software

Corrupted Software

Other Causes

Try Printing Again

Replace Potentially Corrupted Files

Serial Port Is Currently in Use?

Zap the PRAM

Check the Printer Driver

Shift to a Different Version of the Printer Software

The Printer Cable

Turn Off Certain Printing-Specific Options

Make Sure Enough Free Space Exists on Your Disk

Check for Insufficient Memory and Related Problems

Problems with Background Printing

Widen the Search to More General Causes

QuickFixes! Trouble-shooting Inkjet and/or USB Printers



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