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Part 2: Symptoms, Causes, and Cures > When You Can't Find, Open, or Otherwise U...

Chapter 6. When You Can't Find, Open, or Otherwise Use a File

It's the Little Things

Understanding Opening and Saving

Open and Save Dialog Boxes

"Old" Style Open and Save dialog boxes

Navigation Services

Opening Files from the Finder

Using Save Versus Save As

Solve It! Problems with Files

When You Can't Locate a File

You Can't Find It in the Finder

You Can't Find It in an Open Dialog Box

Avoid Saving Files to Unintended Locations

Don't Inadvertently Move a File Instead of Copying It

Look for a File from the Finder

Modify the Finder's Window Displays

Look for a File from an Application's Open Dialog Box

If the File Was Inadvertently Deleted

If None of the Preceding Steps Succeeds in Locating the File

When You Can't Launch an Application or Control Panel

Insufficient Memory to Launch an Application

Miscellaneous Other Causes

Insufficient Memory or Unexpected Quit

Incompatible Control Panel Settings

You Cannot Open a File from Its Alias

You Cannot Open File Because It Is in a Compressed, Encoded, or Disk Image Format

You Cannot Open a File Because You Have the "Wrong" Macintosh or System Software

Too Many Files Are Currently Open

You Cannot Open an Application Because of Duplicate Copies on a Network

You Cannot Open Damaged Files

When You Can't Open a Document

If a Document's Application Can't Be Found by the Finder

An Application Does Not Import a Document File, Even Though the Application

Has a Translator Available for the File's Format

The File Is in PC/DOS Format and/or on a PC/DOS-Formatted Disk

Insufficient Memory to Open the File

The File Is Not Intended to Be Opened

Opening a Document from the Finder When the Application Is Already Open

Opening a Document File from the Finder Succeeds, But It Launches the Wrong Application

Internet Problems

The Problem May Be with the Application, Not the Document

Damaged Preferences

Damaged Documents That Can't Be Opened

When You Can't Delete a File or Folder

Make Sure the File or Folder Is Really in the Trash

If the File or Folder Is on a Floppy Disk, Check if the Floppy Disk Is Locked

Check If the File Is Locked

Folders Locked via the Sharing Command

Check If the File Is Currently Open or in Use

Folders That Remain "In Use" Unexpectedly

The Folder-from-Hell Problem

Deleting Damaged Files

When the Preceding Steps Fail to Delete the File or Folder

When You Can't Rename a File, Folder, or Volume

When You Can't Save or Copy a File

For Problems with Locked or Full Disks

Full Disk Problem with Virtual Memory

For Files That Are "In Use" or Have "Illegal Access Permission"

Problems Due to a Disk Error

When the Going Gets Weird...

Scroll, Close, Quit, Restart

If the Problem Results in a System Error of Any Kind

Check for Hardware Incompatibilities Between Your Hardware and the Application in Use

Check for Damage to, or Other Problems with, the Application's Preferences File

Check Whether One of the Application's Accessory Files Is Missing or Misplaced

Check Whether the Application or Any of Its Accessory Files Are Damaged

Consider Whether the Problem Is Due to a Bug in the Application

Check for Startup Extension Conflicts

Check for Memory-Related Problems

Check for System Software Problems

If All Else Fails, It's Time to Round Up the Usual Suspects

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