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Part 2: Symptoms, Causes, and Cures > System Errors: Living with the Bomb

Chapter 4. System Errors: Living with the Bomb

The Mac's Worst-Kept Secret

Solve It! A Catalog of System Errors

System Crashes

The Bomb Alert Box Appears

Breakup of Screen Display

Understanding System Error Alert Box Messages (Or What the Heck Is a "Bad F Line Instruction," Anyway?)

Positive vs. Negative Error Codes

Restart the Macintosh

Recover Unsaved Data After a Restart

What If the System Error Keeps Recurring?

System Freezes

Try to Save Your Work (Press Command-S)

Try a Force Quit (Press Command-Option-Escape)

If the Force Quit Succeeds...

If the Force Quit Fails to Work...Restart

If the Freeze Recurs

Endless Loops

Break out of the Loop with Command-Period

Retry the Procedure


Unexpected Quits

Interpreting System Error Codes...Again

Save Data in Open Applications

Restart the Macintosh

Increase Preferred Size of Memory

If the Unexpected Quit Occurs During Launch


The Finder Disappears

Wait a Minute

Try a Force Quit (Command-Option-Escape) and Restart

Replace the Finder and Its Preferences File


Solve It! Recurring System Errors

Seek the Cause of a Recurring System Error

What Circumstances, If Any, Reliably Cause the System Error?

What Variations in Circumstances, If Any, Will Eliminate the System Error?

What If the System Error Recurs at Unpredictable Intervals and in Different Situations?

Fix It So That the System Error Does Not Recur

Check for Hardware and/or System Software That Is Incompatible with the Application in Use

Install the Latest System Update (Fixes System Software Bugs)

Check for Software Bugs in the Application

Turn Off Selected Options in Memory and Turn Off Sharing Setup Control Panels

Check for Startup Extensions Conflicts

Check for Memory-Allocation Problems

Zap the PRAM

Check for Damaged Document Files

Check for Other Damage

Check for More than One System Folder on the Startup Disk

Check for Multiple Copies of Applications and Related Files

Check for Viruses

Check for Problems with the Hard Disk's Device Driver

Check for Hardware Problems: Cable Connections, Peripheral Devices, SIMMs, and Logic Board

Seek Outside Help

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