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Chapter 12. Road Service for the Infobah... > Understanding Open Transport

Understanding Open Transport

Open Transport is the general name for the set of files included in the Mac OS that are used for making network connections, especially to the Internet.

TAKE NOTE — What Is Open Transport Software?

Most of the software under the Open Transport umbrella is contained in the System Folder.

For starters, on Power Macs, the following shared library files will be in the Extensions folder: Open Transport Library, Open Tpt AppleTalk Library, Open Tpt Internet Library, OpenTransportLib, OpenTptAppleTalkLib, OpenTptInternetLib. The first three files are for running 68K applications in emulation, the latter three are for Power Mac-native applications.

On 680X0 Macintoshes, instead of installing the six library files just listed, it installs just three shared library files: Open Transport 68K Library. Open Tpt ATalk 68K Library, and Open Tpt Inet 68K Library. If these three files appear on Power Macs, they may be deleted. Online performance may actually improve if you do delete them for Power Macs.

Note: In Mac OS 9, the Open Transport Library and Lib files have been eliminated, replaced by two new files: Open Transport and Open Transport ASLM Modules.

As with most extensions, you do not directly interact with any of these files. However, there are several control panels included as part of the Open Transport software that you may work with. These include TCP/IP. Remote Access, and Modem, as described more in this section.

In general, don't remove any of these files from the System Folder unless you are sure you know what you are doing. Otherwise, you are asking for problems.

Note: Prior to the introduction of Open Transport, the Mac OS included a different set of files for connecting to the Internet. They were referred to as Classic AppleTalk and featured a control panel called MacTCP. In this edition of Sad Macs, I no longer cover this now-obsolete software.

Figure 12-4. The major Open Transport extensions as found in Mac OS B.x. In Mac OS 9, the top six files have been replaced by Open Transport and Open Transport ASLM modules.



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