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Chapter 4. Your Twenty-Minute Window Wor... > Breaking a Sweat: Window Exercises - Pg. 40

Your Twenty-Minute Window Workout 40 · System menu icon--The system menu sports several commands that enable keyboard users to perform routine window maintenance. If you're dealing with a program window, you drop down the system menu by pressing Alt+spacebar; for a document window, the system menu sprouts in response to Alt+- (hyphen). Now just hold on a cotton-picking second. What's the diff between a "program window" and a "docu- ment window"? Gee, you are paying attention, aren't you? Here you go: · Program window--This is the window in which the program as a whole appears. · Document window--This is a window that appears inside the program window and it contains a single, open document. This isn't something you have to worry about if you run only the pro- grams that come with Windows XP because they're only capable of opening one document at a time. However, lots of other programs--such as those that come with Microsoft Office--are capable of working with two or more documents at once. In this case, each document appears inside its own window. Breaking a Sweat: Window Exercises Let's see how the four main window techniques--minimizing, maximizing, moving, and sizing--can solve some niggling Windows problems and help you work better: Problem #1: You have an open program that you know you won't need for a while.It's taking up desktop space, but you don't want to close it. The solution is to minimize the program's window, which means that it's cleared off the desktop, but it remains open and appears only as a taskbar button.