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Chapter 4. Your Twenty-Minute Window Wor... > Warming Up: A Window Walkabout - Pg. 38

Your Twenty-Minute Window Workout 38 Warming Up: A Window Walkabout Your average window is a kind of mini Nautilus machine brimming with various gadgets that you push and pull. The secret to a successful window workout is to get to know where these gadgets are and what you use them for. To that end, let's take a tour of a typical window, as shown in Figure 4.1. This is a Notepad window. To get it on-screen, select Start, All Programs, Accessories, Note- pad. (More on the Notepad program in Chapter 14, "Prose Programs: Windows XP's Faxing Fea- tures.") Figure 4.1. The Notepad window will be your "gym" for this chapter's exercise regimen. Here's a rundown of the various trinkets pointed out in Figure 4.1: · Title bar--This is the band (it's usually blue) that forms the top portion of the window. As its name implies, the title bar's job is to tell you the name of the currently open document. (In Figure 4.1, the document is new, so it has the temporary--and decidedly uninspiring--name "Untitled." See Figure 4.7 for a better example.) The title bar also usually shows the name of the program (with a dash in between the two names).