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Chapter 4. Your Twenty-Minute Window Wor... > Breaking a Sweat: Window Exercises - Pg. 43

Your Twenty-Minute Window Workout · If you minimized the window, click its taskbar button. · If you maximized the window, click the Restore button (pointed out in Figure 4.3). 43 Moving a Window Moving a window from one part of the desktop to another takes a simple mouse maneuver. Here are the steps to follow: 1. 2. 3. Make sure the window isn't maximized (or that it's not, duh, minimized). Position the mouse pointer inside the window's title bar (but not over the system menu icon or any of the buttons on the right). Press and hold down the left mouse button. You can now drag the title bar. As you drag, the window moves along with your mouse. (Although it may lag behind slightly if you have a slower system.) When the window is in the position you want, release the mouse button. 4. Sizing a Window If you want to change the size of a window, instead, you need to plow through these steps: 1. Make sure the window isn't maximized or minimized. Windows Wisdom