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Chapter 4. Your Twenty-Minute Window Wor... > Breaking a Sweat: Window Exercises - Pg. 42

Your Twenty-Minute Window Workout 42 Figure 4.3. When you maximize a window, it takes over the entire desktop. Windows Wisdom With Windows XP, Microsoft has made the Minimize, Maximize, Restore, and Close buttons a bit bigger, but they're still smallish targets. Here are some techniques that can help: minimize the current window by clicking its taskbar button; maximize a window by double-clicking its title bar; restore a maximized window by double- clicking its title bar; close a window by double-clicking its system menu icon. Restoring a Window In Windows parlance, restoring a window means that you put the window back exactly the way it was before minimizing it or maximizing it. How you do this depends on what action you inflicted on the window: