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Part: 6 Windows XP on the Network > The Jargon Jar: The Complete Archive - Pg. 389

The Jargon Jar: The Complete Archive 389 signature A snippet of text that appears at the bottom of an e-mail message. spam Unsolicited commercial e-mail, and the scourge of the Internet. To avoid spam, don't put your real e-mail address in your news account. standby A power mode that shuts everything down temporarily until you press a key, move the mouse, or poke the power button. See Also hibernate. star structure A network structure in which each network interface card is con-nected to a central hub via twisted-pair cable. See Also bus structure. Subject line A line of text that describes what an e-mail message is about. surf To jump from Web page to Web page using a Web browser. tab stop A spot on the WordPad ruler at which the cursor stops when you press the Tab key. tape drive A device that backs up data to tape. Unless you have a spare hard disk, this is the best kind of backup medium to use. taskbar The gray strip along the bottom of the Windows XP screen that's used to switch between running