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Part: 6 Windows XP on the Network > The Jargon Jar: The Complete Archive - Pg. 387

The Jargon Jar: The Complete Archive 387 modem cable A special data cable that connects an external modem to a PC. The cable attaches to a port in the back of the modem on one end, and to a serial port in the back of the computer on the other end. multimedia Using a computer to play, edit, and record sounds, animations, and movies. multitasking The capability to run two or more programs at the same time. Musical Instrument Digital Interface See MIDI. network See local area network. network interface card A circuit board, PC Card device, or USB device into which the network cable is plugged. network operating system A special operating system designed for server computers. An example is Windows .NET Server, the big brother of Windows XP. network place A shared resource that has its own icon in your My Network Places folder. newsgroup An online discussion forum devoted to a particular topic. NIC See network interface card.