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Part: 6 Windows XP on the Network > The Jargon Jar: The Complete Archive - Pg. 386

The Jargon Jar: The Complete Archive 386 insertion point cursor The blinking vertical bar you see inside a text box or in a word processing application, such as WordPad. It indicates where the next character you type will appear. Internet service provider A company that takes your money in exchange for an Internet account, which is what you need to get online. IP address An address (which will look something like that serves as the location of your computer while you're connected to the Internet. ISP See Internet service provider. Jaz drive A special disk drive that uses portable disks (about the size of floppy disks) that hold either one or two gigabytes of data. See Also Zip drive. Kbps Kilobits per second, or thousands of bits per second. Data transfer rates are often measured this way, so the three main rates are also written as 28.8Kbps, 33.6Kbps, and 56Kbps. kilobyte 1,024 bytes. To be hip, always abbreviate this to "K" or "KB." See Also megabyte, gigabyte. LAN See local area network. link In a Web page, a chunk of text or an image that, when clicked, takes you to another Web page. local area network A group of computers located relatively close together and that are connected via network cable. log on To provide your Internet service provider with your username and password, and so gain access to the wonder that is the Internet. mail server A computer that your ISP uses to store and send your e-mail messages. See Also server. map To set up a shared network folder or disk drive so that it has its own drive letter on your system. See Also shared resource. megabyte 1,024 kilobytes, or 1,048,576 bytes. The experts write this as "M" or "MB" and pronounce it "meg." See Also gigabyte. message body The text of an e-mail message. message rules Specific instructions that tell Outlook Express how to handle certain incoming messages. MIDI A sound file that plays music generated by electronic synthesizers. modem An electronic device that somehow manages to transmit and receive computer data over tele- phone lines. Modems come in three flavors: external, internal, and PC Card.