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Part: 6 Windows XP on the Network > The Jargon Jar: The Complete Archive - Pg. 385

The Jargon Jar: The Complete Archive 385 drag To move an object using your mouse. You do this by placing the mouse pointer over the object, holding down a mouse button (usually the left button), and then moving the mouse. drag-and-drop A technique you use to move things from here to there; you use your mouse to drag files or icons to strategic screen areas and then drop them there. drop To use your mouse to place an object in a new location. You do this by releasing the mouse button after you have dragged the object to its new home. Explorer bar A pane that shows up on the left side of the My Computer window, and that's used to display bars (such as the handy Folders bar). favorite A Web page name and address saved within Internet Explorer for easy recall down the road. fax/modem A special type of modem (although it's by far the most common type these days) that can handle fax transmissions as well as its usual data duties. folder A storage location for files and other folders (subfolders). font A style of text that includes the typeface (a unique design applied to every character), the type style (such as bold or italic ), the type size, and possibly some type effects (such as underlined). fragmented When a file is stored on the hard disk using multiple sectors that are scattered throughout the