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Part: 6 Windows XP on the Network > The Jargon Jar: The Complete Archive - Pg. 383

The Jargon Jar: The Complete Archive 383 backup job A file that specifies a few particulars about a backup: the files you want backed up, the location where the files will be backed up, and any backup options. bad sector A sector that is corrupted and can no longer store data properly. Bcc A blind courtesy (or carbon) copy e-mail message. These are copies of the message that get sent to other people, but their addresses aren't shown to the other recipients. See Also Cc. bit Short for "binary digit"; it represents the most basic unit of computer information. Within your computer, data is stored using tiny electronic devices called "gates," each of which holds a single bit. These gates can be either on (which means electricity flows through the gate) or off (no electricity flows through the gate). For the likes of you and me, the number 1 represents a gate that's on, and the number 0 represents a gate that's off. boot To start your computer. bps Stands for bits per second, and is used to measure the speed at which the modem spews data through a phone line. browser See Web browser. bus structure A network structure in which each network interface card is con-nected to the network interface