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Part: 4 Windows XP on the Internet - Pg. 195

195 Part 4. Windows XP on the Internet For many years, lots of purse-lipped parents, uptight teachers, and pontificating pundits frowned upon computers because they saw them as noninteractive machines that only served to encourage anti-social behavior. Boy, did they ever get that wrong! As proof, you need look no further than the tens of millions of people who are on the Internet, and the hundreds of millions of people who want to be on the Internet. Believe me, these people aren't clamoring to listen to cheesy MIDI music. No, they want to connect. They want to read what other people have written; they want to exchange e- mail epistles; they want to natter in newsgroups; they want to chinwag in chat rooms. In other words, the opposite has happened: Computers have become interactive machines that encourage social- izing. Who'da thunk it? If you want to get in on all this fun, the seven chapters here in Part 4 will tell you everything you need to know.