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246 Chapter 21. More E-Mail Bonding: Extending Outlook Express In This Chapter · Basic message folder maintenance · Fonts, stationery, signatures, filtering, and other message techniques · Sharing Outlook Express with others by creating separate e-mail identities If all you're doing is pecking out your missives and then slamming the Send button, you're missing out on some of the most useful and fun features of Outlook Express. In this chapter, you go beyond the previous chapter's basics and learn many of the program's more interesting features and options. I show you how to manage message folders, work with stationery and signatures, create identities, filter incoming messages, and customize all kinds of Outlook Express options, including some cru- cial security settings. Taking Charge of Your Message Folders Right out of the box, Outlook Express comes with five prefab folders: Inbox (incoming messages), Outbox (messages waiting to be sent), Sent Items (messages that you've sent), Deleted Items (messages that you've blown away), and Drafts (saved messages that you're still working on). Surely that's enough folders for anyone, right? Maybe not. Even if you're good at deleting the detritus from your Inbox folder, it still won't take long before it becomes bloated with messages and finding the note you need becomes a real needle-in- a-haystack exercise. What you really need is a way to organize your mail. For example, suppose you and your boss exchange a lot of e-mail. Rather than storing all her messages in your Inbox