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Part: 4 Windows XP on the Internet > Sending and Receiving E-Mail Missives - Pg. 234

234 Chapter 20. Sending and Receiving E-Mail Missives In This Chapter · Giving Windows XP your e-mail account particulars · How to compose and send an e-mail message · Working with the Windows XP Address Book · Handling attachments · How to get and read incoming messages The world passed a milestone of sorts a few years ago when it was reported that, in North America at least, more e-mail messages are sent each day than postal messages. Now, e-mail message volume is several times that of "snail mail" (as regular mail is derisively called by the wired set), and the number of e-notes shipped out each day is counted in the billions . The really good news is that e-mail has become extremely easy to use because e-mail programs have become much better over the years. An excellent example of this trend is Outlook Express, Windows XP's Internet e-mail program. As you see in this chapter, shipping out messages and reading incoming messages is a painless affair thanks to the admirable e-mail capabilities of Outlook Express. Windows XP gives you a couple of ways to launch the program: · Select Start, E-mail.