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2 Chapter 1. New News Is Good News: New Windows XP Features In This Chapter · The new Windows XP system requirements · Changes to the Windows XP look and feel · A review of the new multimedia stuff in Windows XP · A look at what's new with Windows XP and the Internet · A sneak preview of the new Windows XP attractions Over the past few years, whenever Microsoft shipped yet another new version of Windows, the release was greeted by an ever-louder chorus of yawns. Windows Me, for example, took not even the tiniest portion of the world by storm. Why the Windows weariness? Part of the reason is that Microsoft, with its ravenous appetite for revenues, began picking up the pace and releasing new Windows versions faster than ever. It used to be that you could expect three years or more between versions, now they come at you every 12 or 18 months. People and businesses have only just grown used to the existing version and are reluctant to start from scratch after such a short time.