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170 Chapter 15. Fax-It-Yourself: Using Windows XP's Faxing Features In This Chapter · Getting Windows XP ready for faxing · Sending a fax message · Creating custom fax cover pages · Receiving incoming faxes · Annotating received faxes Nowadays, faxing is just another humdrum part of the workaday world, and any business worth its salt has a fax machine on standby. Increasingly, however, dedicated fax machines are giving way to fax/modems --modems that have the capability to send and receive faxes in addition to their regular communications duties. Not only does this make faxing affordable for small businesses and individuals, but it also adds a new level of convenience to the whole fax experience. You can send faxes right from your computer without having to print the document. Because faxes sent via computer aren't scanned (as they are with a fax machine), the document that the recipient gets is sharper and easier to read. And, you can use your printer to get a hard copy of a fax on regular paper, thus avoiding fax paper (which, besides being inherently slimy, has an annoying tendency to curl; fortunately, most newer fax machines can handle regular paper).