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Part: 2 Windows XP at Home - Pg. 88

88 Part 2. Windows XP at Home It wasn't all that long ago when computers were viewed as "business only" beasts, and only the most geeklike among us actually had a PC at home. Now, this being the twenty-first century and all, the digital domicile is a reality and computers in the home are as common as the weeds in your neighbor's yard. Just think: All that cursing and fuming you direct toward your work computer can now be continued in the privacy of your own home. But that's not the only advantage to having a home machine. Now you can perform many personal tasks that aren't appropriate at the office: making drawings, manipulating photos, playing and copying music, and making digital movies. And the best news is that Windows XP is set up to handle all of those leisure time activities right out of the box. The chapters here in Part 2 show you how to perform these and other home-sweet-home tasks.