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Part: 2 Windows XP at Home > Sights and Sounds: Music and Other Multimedia - Pg. 118

118 Chapter 11. Sights and Sounds: Music and Other Multimedia In This Chapter · Understanding multimedia files and hardware · Playing multimedia files · Listening to audio CDs and watching DVD movies · Copying music tracks to and from a CD The graphics you gawked at in the previous few chapters represent only a selection of Windows XP's visual treats. There are actually quite a few more goodies that fall into the "sights for sore eyes" category, and even a few that could be called "sounds for sore ears." In this chapter, you see that Windows XP turns your lowly computer into a multimedia powerhouse capable of showing videos, playing audio CDs, making realistic burping noises, watching slick DVD movies, and even creating your own sound recordings. Notes About Multimedia Files Most of the multimedia your eyes will see and ears will hear resides in files on your hard disk, on a CD-ROM or DVD disc, or on the Internet. Just to keep us all thoroughly confused, the world's mul- timedia mavens have invented dozens of different file formats, each of which has its own incom- prehensible two- or three-letter acronym. To help you make some sense of all this, I've grouped all the various formats into a mere five categories for easier consumption: