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Chapter 29. When Windows Won't Work: Tro... > Dealing with Applications That Won't... - Pg. 344

When Windows Won't Work: Troubleshooting Common Problems 8. Click OK. 344 Dealing with Applications That Won't Applicate Let's face facts: most of us use Windows not because of Windows itself, but because it allows us to run some of the best programs on the planet. But no matter how great we think these applications are, it only takes a single inexplicable error or unrecoverable lockup to make us start cursing their very existence. To help you avoid these frustrations, this section looks at some of the most common problems that plague Windows applications and, of course, offers a fistful of solutions. Handling Program Crashes My program was running fine, but now it won't do anything. If you've used Windows for any length of time, you'll be familiar with the fist-poundingly and hair- pullingly frustrating experience of the program crash. You're sailing along, doing whatever it is you do with the program in question, when suddenly it digs in its heels and refuses to go any farther. You press all kinds of keys, click your mouse furiously, hurl uncharitable suggestions at it, but the dumb beast just sits there, frozen in its digital tracks. Before proceeding, you need to shut down the offending program before it causes system-wide instability or causes your other programs to run slowly. How do you shut down a program that refuses to respond? By using the Windows Task Manager, which you can coax onto the screen by using either of the following methods: · Press Ctrl+Alt+Delete (this key combo is known whimsically as both the three-fingered salute and the Vulcan nerve pinch ).