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Chapter 29. When Windows Won't Work: Tro... > Handling Hardware Headaches - Pg. 357

When Windows Won't Work: Troubleshooting Common Problems 357 I'm constantly pressing Caps Lock accidentally. How can I prevent this? Windows XP doesn't have any way to disable the annoying Caps Lock key. However, it's possible to set things up so that Windows beeps whenever you press that key. This will at least warn you that you've pressed the key and you can press it again before you end up typing an entire paragraph in entirely uppercase letters. Here's what you do: 1. 2. 3. Select Start, Control Panel, Accessibility Options, Accessibility Options. This displays--you guessed it--the Accessibility Options dialog box. In the Keyboard tab, activate the Use ToggleKeys check box. Click OK. Curing Video Ills Your video display may be the most important component of your system since you're forced to look at it for hours on end every day. Yes, one of Windows XP's most appealing features is its good- looking interface, but the fanciest interface in the world isn't worth a hill of beans if your display is displaying garbage. If your display goes snaky on you, try any of these solutions listed below to bring things back to normal. However, since your display is distorted, you can't do anything to fix the problem right now, so you have to first exit Windows XP and restart your computer. How do you do that when you can't read the display? Good question. Here's what you do: · In Windows XP Home, press Ctrl+Esc (or the Windows logo key----if you have one), press u, and then press r.