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Chapter 29. When Windows Won't Work: Tro... > Ignition Trouble: Solving Startup Sn... - Pg. 343

When Windows Won't Work: Troubleshooting Common Problems 343 · Last Known Good Configuration--This option boots Windows XP using the last configuration that produced a successful startup. This is often your best choice, particularly if Windows XP refused to run after you installed a new device or program. · Boot Normally--This options loads Windows XP normally. · Reboot--This option reboots the computer. · Return to OS Choices Menu--This option displays the operating system menu. My system won't start even if I choose the Safe Mode thingy. If Windows XP is so intractable that it won't even start in safe mode, your system is likely afflicted with one of the following problems: · Your system is infected with a virus. You need to run an antivirus program to cleanse your system. · Your computer's configuration is corrupted. This configuration is sometimes called the CMOS settings (or the BIOS settings) and most computers have a setup program that lets you view and change these settings. Watch for a message at startup that says something like Press F1 for Setup. · Your system has a hardware conflict. (See the "Handling Hardware Headaches" section later in this chapter.) I can't get to my previous version of Windows. If you created a new installation of Windows XP so that you could still use your old version of Windows, then Windows XP should enable you to dual boot . That is, at startup you should be able to choose which operating system you want to run by using the menu with the following heading: Please select the operating system to start