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Chapter 30. Using Windows XP to Set Up a... > Getting a Machine Network-Ready - Pg. 370

Using Windows XP to Set Up a Small Network 370 · Create a Network Setup Disk--Activate this option to place a copy of the Network Setup Wizard on a disk. · Use the Network Setup Disk I already have--Choose this option if you've already created the disk. Look Out! If you're configuring the Internet computer, your ISP may have supplied you with a prefab name for the computer. If so, then you must use that name in the Computer name text box or your Internet connection won't work. · Use my Windows XP CD--If the other machines have CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drives, choose this option to run the Network Setup Wizard via the Windows XP CD. · Just finish the wizard; I don't need to run the wizard on other computers--Activate this option if your workgroup is pure Windows XP. Skip to step 12. 11. If you elected to create the disk, insert a disk (make sure it doesn't contain any data you need) and click Next. When the wizard has finished creating the disk, click Next. 12. In the final wizard dialog box, click Finish. 13. When the wizard asks if you want to restart your computer, click Yes. Changing Your Network Identification Windows XP makes it fairly easy to change either your computer name or your workgroup name. This is handy if you made a mistake when running through the wizard or if you change your mind about the names you prefer. It's also handy if you have a computer that connects to one network at the office and to your own network at home. The office network is probably set up to use a domain, so you need to switch your network ID from a domain to a workgroup, depending on which network you're connecting to. Here's how to change your network ID: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Select Start, Control Panel, Printers and Other Hardware, System. The System Properties di- alog box appears. Display the Computer Name tab. Click Change. The Computer Name Changes dialog box shows up. Use the Computer name text box to change the name of the computer. Use the Member of group to choose one of the following options (click OK when you're done): · Domain--Activate this option if you're connecting to a network at the office. Use the text box to enter the name of the domain. · Workgroup--Activate this option if you're connecting to your home or small office network. Use the text box to enter the name of the workgroup.