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Chapter 30. Using Windows XP to Set Up a... > Getting a Machine Network-Ready - Pg. 368

Using Windows XP to Set Up a Small Network 368 Jargon Jar In case you're curious, a domain is a special type of workgroup that's monitored and controlled by a network server. They offer higher-level security and easier access to network resources. However, they're not suitable for your small network because you won't have the appropriate network server operating system. · If Setup asks whether you want to use a typical or custom network setup, be sure to choose the Typical Settings option. · For Windows XP Pro, when Setup asks whether your computer will be part of a workgroup or a domain, activate the Workgroup option and enter the name of your workgroup in the text box below that option. This name can't be longer than 15 characters and can't include any of the following symbols: * = + \ | ; : ", < > ? For your LAN to work successfully (and simply), all the computers must use the same workgroup name.