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Chapter 30. Using Windows XP to Set Up a... > Stuff You Need: Understanding Networ... - Pg. 364

Using Windows XP to Set Up a Small Network 364 The other type of cable is coaxial cable (some network nerds refer to it as thinnet cable ). It's some- what reminiscent of the cables used with cable television connections, but network coaxial cable has "bayonet-style" connectors at each end. (They're called bayonet-style connectors because you plug them into the port and then give them a twist to lock them in place. This is similar, I suppose, to the way you connect a bayonet.) To use this type of cable, your NICs must have a corresponding BNC port in the back. Figure 30.2 shows an example of a coaxial cable, a NIC with a BNC port, and some other hardware you need.