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Chapter 31. Using Windows XP's Networkin... > Playing with Other Folks' Shared Res... - Pg. 377

Using Windows XP's Networking Features 377 If you haven't installed your printer yet, you can set up sharing when you tell Windows XP about the printer. (Just follow the steps that I outlined back in Chapter 7, "Installing and Uninstalling Programs and Devices"; refer to the section "Installing Specific Devices.") When you get to the Add Printer Wizard's Printer Sharing dialog box, activate the Share name option and enter a name for the share. Playing with Other Folks' Shared Resources With your workgroup machines generously sharing their folders, drives, and printers, it's now time to see just how to get at those resources. There are four ways to go about this: · Access the resources directly--You do this by opening My Network Places, clicking the View workgroup computers link, and then opening a computer. As you can see in Figure 31.4, Win- dows XP then shows the shared resources for that computer. Now just open the shared folders and drives and work with them the same way you would a local folder or drive (depending on whether the sharer has granted permission to change the file, of course).