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Chapter 31. Using Windows XP's Networkin... > Road Scholar: Using Dial-Up Network ... - Pg. 381

Using Windows XP's Networking Features 1. 381 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Select Start, Connect To and then click the name of the connection you created in the previous section. (Alternatively, if you elected to have a shortcut for the connection placed on the desk- top, double-click that shortcut.) Windows XP displays a Connect dialog box. Be sure your username is correct and enter your password. If you want Windows XP to include your password automatically in the future, activate the Save this username and password for the following users check box and then choose either Me only or Anyone who uses this computer. Make sure the correct phone number is shown in the Dial text box. If you want to use dialing rules or make other changes, click Properties and activate Use dialing rules. When you're ready, click Dial to get on with it. Windows XP dials your modem and connects with the computer you set up to handle incoming calls. When the connection is made, a dialog box pops up to let you know. Click OK. From here, you use the network just like you do when you have a physical connection. Windows Wisdom