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Chapter 31. Using Windows XP's Networkin... > Sharing Your Resources So Other Folk... - Pg. 376

Using Windows XP's Networking Features 2. 376 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Highlight the folder or drive and then select File, Sharing and Security. (Another approach is to right-click the folder or drive and then click Sharing and Security.) The resource's Properties dialog box appears, and the Sharing tab is displayed. If you chose a disk drive, the Sharing tab will recommend that you not share the "root of a drive." If you don't care about this, click the If you understand the risk ... link to see the Sharing tab's usual contents. Activate the Share this folder on the network option. Enter a Share name for the resource. The default here is the name of the folder or the letter of the drive, but feel free to use whatever you like. If you want your network pals to be able to change the files in this folder or drive, activate the Allow network users to change my files check box. If you deactivate this check box, other users won't be able to rename or delete your files. Also, they'll be able to edit the files, but they won't be able to save those changes. Instead, they can only create a copy by saving the file to their own hard disk. Click OK. After you share a resource, notice that its icon gets tweaked a bit. Specifically, a hand with an open palm gets added underneath the icon, as though to "serve" the resource to the network. Sharing a Printer You'll be happy to hear that sharing a printer is a much simpler process than sharing a file or folder. In fact, sharing an existing printer takes just four steps: 1. Select Start, Control Panel, Printers and Other Hardware, Printers and Faxes to open the